Saturday, June 23, 2018

Matter is condensed charged particles.

Energy is the motive force moving matter carried.

Matter and energy are totally different, just like current in the wire and the wire are totally different.

E=MC^2 is math trick, not fact.


  1. Aether is awareness and also a repulsion that causes objects (and probably large stable energy rings) to move towards each other as each is in the shadow of the other, like ships at sea

  2. Movement in the Aethercauses Electromagnetic force. as initially, there was nothing else, it continued and obviously as it moved through the aether, it grew and grew. Pinches happened. Stars were born and these pinches twisted EMF into tight energy formations enclosed by pinches of their own: matter.

    E=MC>2 is a forgery and a plagiarism

    But at least he recognised crust slippage for Habgood? And velikovsky?

    Beware the Phoenix! End of October and Jan 2022...perihelion!