Friday, October 27, 2017

between 2 electrons at distance r, there exist a repulsion force f=Ke x ee/rr. that force is acting as a class 1 lever with the fulcrum at the center, the mechanical advantage is equal to 1.

if 1 electron is accelerating at 90 degrees to the force line, the other electron will instantly receive an opposite direction emf. this is the mechanism of electromagnetic radiation, light, em waves, how energy transfer through space.

true or false? i think it is true, explained many em phenomena.  

------>sn    ns<-------  fixed position steel rods with magnets, the same pole faces each other, try the opposite direction emf. i use my hands as steel rods. i feel the emf, the energy, the quanta, the wave, the photon, the aether. 

free energy my ass, i have to move my hand to induce energy on the other hand.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

ou is impossible if energy and momentum conservation are universal.

all things have a precise mechanism. science cannot explain the mechanism of magnetic force yet. why is moving current producing circling magnetic field? why is moving magnet producing a circling current? what exactly is a magnetic field? how it interacts with matter and charges?

about faradays paradox, spin magnet no radius direction current (any circling current on the disk? i find no videos yet, don't have the tools to test it), but if you move the magnet up and down, changing the distance to the copper disk, you should find clockwise and counterclockwise ac current on the disk, not radius direction current. you can measure a voltage between any two points on the outer ring of the disk. my prediction anyways. based on my belief of magnet carries circling electric force produced by atoms arranged into positive next to negative patterns. normal matters are formed by neutral atoms next to neutral atoms.        

force is invisible, but we can feel/measure it. forces are always there as long as matters/charges exist.

look the universe from an atom. electrons are float on the surface of atom ball. 

image a positive charge is a ball shape single north pole, a negative charge is a ball shape single south pole. 

a big/strong north pole will be surrounded by many tiny neodymium south poles, form an atom ball, iron south poles float on that atom ball as electrons.  

maybe that's the true structure of the atom. assume that is true, follow the f=Ke x q1q2/rr fact, to see the world and everything.

put a strong magnet in each hand, the same pole faces each other, feel the tension? Now wave 1 hand at 90 degrees to the tension, what do you feel the other hand? I feel an opposite waving force.  

if you move 1 hand in a clockwise circle, the other hand will move in a clockwise circle at 180 degrees polarity shift.

replace the magnet with the electron, see the mechanism of em phenomena, such as induction, light, em wave and energy.

electrons can only vibrate on the plane parallel to atom ball surface, the changing electrical force transfer to other lines of sight electrons instantly through the force lines of f=Ke x e1e2/rr. that is so-called emf. the force act as a class 1 lever with the pivot at the center, the mechanical advantage is equal to 1. 

get two magnets, try to feel the repulsion force, action and reaction of both hands. hope you will understand the mechanism of radiation, heat transfer, light, em waves, energy and quanta.

hope einstein has internet.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

scientists are mostly blinder. they learned from bad teachers. space-time is BS. einstein all theories are BS. the force between charges f=Ke x pq/rr is the carrier of all radiation/em wave/light/quanta. that force is like a massless physical rod connected charges all the time. that force is also like a zero resistance conductor connected charges in space. that's why light speed in space is infinite. science is after fact and mechanism, not after big names and theories.

Monday, October 16, 2017

light is ac current, vibrating electric force.

every atom is an ac generator. electrons vibrate on the plane perpendicular to the radius due to their momentum. 

assume your room is a vacuum chamber, if the distance between the screen and your eyes is r, the repulsion force between the electrons on the screen and your eyes is f=Ke x ee/rr. that force is the carrier of light.

if the electrons on the screen vibrate at a frequency, electrons on your eyes will get f strength of ac current at the same frequency.

there is no time delay in the vacuum space, a force has zero mass, from f=ma, any forces have infinite acceleration, all forces are instantaneous in the vacuum space.

forces pass through matters/mediums have limited speed, due to f=ma, all matters have mass.