Saturday, February 18, 2017

All electrons in space repel each other with a force f=qq/rr. That force is the carrier of radiant energy/EM radiation. 

Electrons on the surface atoms of any body/mass are constantly vibrating and producing EM radiation outward. The strength of the radiation is proportional to the body's temperature and inversely proportional to it's distance. 

All separated bodies share their EM radiation according to their mass, temperature and distance, 

Atoms are solid spheres, therefore atoms are not build by empty spaces or electron clouds. 

Hydrogen atom is build by proton surround by enertron ball, electron is attracted by proton and repelled by enertron ball and balance at atom radius. 

Proton carries 918 positive charge, enertron carries very tiny negative charge but has higher charge to size ratio than electron. proton attracted 917 negative charge of enertrons to form a solid ball and add 1 negative charged electron on the surface to form hydrogen atom.

The density of the enertron ball is inversely proportional to distance cube, due to the attraction force between proton and enertron is inversely proportional to distance square. 

Electron is attracted by proton f=918x1/rr and repelled by enertron ball f=917x1/rrr, where r is atom radius. 

All atoms are constantly vibrate due to the unbalance of the 2 forces.

The sun will never cool off, all energy is always bouncing around all matters forever. All matters move and change following force/energy.