Thursday, October 18, 2018

Light is electromotive force carried by oscillating electrons. Light must co-exist with matter. Therefore there is no light in vacuum space. All the light/EM wave is within air/matter.

All matter consists of atoms in motion and these in turn consist of positively charged protons surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons. The vibrating motion of the atoms causes the cloud of electrons to oscillate and this oscillation generates electromagnetic radiation.

All line of sight matters in space attract each other with gravity F=G x m1m2/rr. Electrons are on the surface of all matters.

All line of sight electrons in space repel each other with electrostatic force F=Ke x ee/rr. That force is the conductor of light/electromagnetic radiation in space between matters.

That force is co-exist with matters, is inherited, is immortal and indestructible. Therefore light speed in vacuum space is infinite/instantaneous between maters at any distance.

We can measure light speed in a vacuum glass bottle by using this tool to prove light speed in vacuum is infinite. Can you do it?


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

There is no temperature in vacuum space, because there is no matter in vacuum space.

There is no EM wave/light/photon/energy in vacuum space, because there is no matter in vacuum space to carry EM wave/light/photon/energy.

There is no fabric of space and time, because there is no matter in space and time to make fabric.

The sun's energy is from star formation, not from on going fusion reaction. The sun's energy cannot radiate into empty space but matter. Energy must co-exist with matter.

Between any two masses/matters at distance r, exist two kinds of forces. Gravity between the two masses is F=G x m1m2/rr. Repulsion force between lines of sight electrons on the surface of the two masses is F=Ke x ee/rr. That repulsion force between matters is the conductor of radiation/light/EM wave/photon/energy.

The sun's energy/radiation circles around the Earth, no energy can radiate into space. The sun does not produce new energy from fusion reaction. The sun only shares its formation energy with matters around it through radiation.

Light speed/radiation speed in vacuum space is infinite, because the repulsion force between line of sight electrons is inherited, always existed, no matter at any distance. Sun light/radiation does not travel at light speed to Earth but instantaneously reaches Earth outer atmosphere, then travels in air at light speed. NASA lied about space communication at light speed.

Gravity is co-existed with matters, therefore it is instantaneous, LEGO lied about detected gravity wave from black holes merged 1.3 billion years ago. Gravity must be instantaneous, otherwise no planets can have stable orbit.

Light wave can only exist with matter/medium/water/air/glass. Do a new double slit experiment in vacuum, light will not show wave property but act as particle, there will be only two bright lines behind slits on the screen.

Measure light speed in a vacuum container, it will be instantaneous. You can use this tool.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Still water has no kinetic energy, running water has kinetic energy.

Still air has no kinetic energy, wind has kinetic energy.

Energy must co-exist with matter. 

Energy has no mass, no volume, no charge.

Matter moves at limited speed, energy transfers instantaneously between matters.

Energy is moving force carried by moving matter, energy is motive force within matter, energy is living electric force.

What is life? What is our thinking and feeling? What will we become? What can we give?

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Matter is condensed charged particles.

Energy is the motive force moving matter carried.

Matter and energy are totally different, just like current in the wire and the wire are totally different.

E=MC^2 is math trick, not fact.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Light is occilating electrical force carried by vibrating electrons on the surface of atoms.

All lines of sight electrons in space are directly repelling each other with force F=Ke x e1e2/rr. That force is inherited, co-existed, therefore it transfers electrons kinetic energy instantly.

Sun light speed is infinite in space. Only when it pass through matter/medium/air/water it has limited speed, due to F=ma, all matters have mass, can never reach infinite speed.

Light speed in a medium is the rate of induction of electric force in that medium. For example, light speed in air is C, in water is 3/4 C.

Light must co-exist with matter. There is no light is space. There is no energy in space.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Hold a strong megnet in each hand, same pole face to each other.

Keep two hands at a distance and feel the strong repulsion force.

Now if you wave one hand, what would happen to the other hand?

Will it wave instantly at same frequency and opposite direction?

The repulsion force between the two magnets is the carrier of energy.

Kinetic energy of the two magnets are shared over the repulsion force.

Electrons are on the outer surface of all atoms/matters. Electrons repel all lines of sight electrons directly with the strongest repulsion force in nature F=Ke x e1e2/rr.

All electrons are constantly vibrating on the surface of atoms due to thermo energy, that energy is shared with all lines of sight atoms/electrons instantly through the repulsion force between them.

This is the mechanism of radiation, light, em wave, quanta, photon and radiant energy in space.

When energy transfer within matter, matter will wave with energy and show wave property. If the energy is bigger than electrons biding energy, electrons will escape from the matter, this is the mechanism of photoelectric effect.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

If you can feel and see any amount of force.

When you hole an electron in each hand, can you feel the repulsion force F=Ke x e1e2/rr between them?

Yes, it is a very strong force, the only force that you can feel and see between the two electrons.

Now if you wave one hand, what will you feel the other hand?

Will you feel the electron wave at the same time? Will it wave at the same frequency?

What is energy? Motive force? Electromotive force?

How can energy from one hand transferred to the other hand?

Is energy transferring between electrons instantaneous?