Wednesday, April 25, 2018

If a star in the night sky suddenly explode, we will see the explosion and feel the force instantly.

Because the gravity/attraction electrostatic force between the star and us F=K x m1m2/rr is inherited, always existed, we can feel the explosion force instantly. So called gravitational wave.

Because the repulsion force between electrons on the star and on earth F=Ke x e1e2/rr is inherited, always existed, we can see the explosion instantly. So called light wave/em wave/photon.

LIGO detected gravity wave from two so called black holes emerged 1.3 billion years ago is a total lie,

Gravity must be instantaneous, otherwise, no planets can stay in a stable orbit.

Simple facts, why all scientists over looked it?

Because science becomes religion and dogma.

Monday, April 23, 2018

I think Spacex is playing games. First stage landing makes no sense. In order to reuse the first stage rocket, there are cheaper and better way, such as parachute.

To maximize the efficiency of sending payload into orbit, the last drop rocket fuel in the first stage should be used to accelerate the second stage.

In space, you cannot measure speed, cannot use friction to control direction, the only power source for changing speed and direction is rocket fuel.

You cannot exchange heat with space, you cannot radiate heat into space. No AC system will work. Manned space mission is impossible.

NASA says a signal from Voyager 1, traveling at the speed of light, takes 17 hours one way to reach Earth.

I know this is a lie/mistake, there is no communication latency in vacuum space, light/em wave/information/energy/emf speed is infinite in vacuum space.

I wonder how much power able to send a signal over billions miles from voyager to earth?

Therefore, I believe all space missions are fake. 

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Quantum field theory, string theory and quantum gravity are nothing but imaginary nonsense.

Quantum mechanism theory builds on word puzzles. orbit, cloud, probability wave, wave function collapse, uncertainty principle, wave-particle duality. energy level, quantum states. All imaginary.

The godfather of QM, who won Nobel for photoelectric effect theory, confessed on his last days.
All these fifty years of conscious brooding have brought me no nearer to the answer to the question, 'What are light quanta?' Nowadays every Tom, D i c k and Harry thinks he knows it, but he is mistaken. -Albert Einstein

Anything quantum is nonsense. There is no field but force in nature. Gravity is simply induced electrostatic attraction force between neutrally charged matters/masses. Similar to sexual attraction between married couples and married couples.

From F=K x m1m2/rr and F=Ke x pq/rr, we can tell gravity is cause by electrostatic force, has the same nature as electrostatic force. 

In fact, mass is proportional to total charged particles it carries. Without charged particles, there is no force, no mass and no matter. 

Anything in the nature has its precise mechanism/cause and effect, nature does not play dice.

Present theoretical physics took science into a dark age, it will go nowhere but deeper nonsense.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

The whole of special relativity is based on just two rules, or as they are called in physics, postulates:

1. The laws of physics are the same in all inertial frames.

2. The speed of light in a vacuum has the same constant value C in all inertial frames.

The speed of light is infinite in vacuum space. Light is electromotive force carried by oscillating charged particles. The electrostatic force in between any charged particles F=ke x pq/rr is inherited, co-exist with charged particles at all the times. Therefore, instantaneous. This is also the mechanism of so called quantum entanglement.

Light/em wave can only exist within a medium/matter/air/ water/glass and such, scientists call it light wave, it is emf moving in matter causing matter waves. All matters have mass, from F=ma, we know that light speed in any medium is limited. In the vacuum, there is no matter, nothing waves, no light wave, no light and no energy. Energy can only co-exist with matter.

This, proved SR is a mistake.
Theoretical physicists are full of it. They explain space-time as if you meet someone, it must be a time and a place. They forgot when they are farting, many monkeys are farting at the same time in many different places. 

ISS is fake. Spacex car in space is fake. Do you understand?

The diameter of the earth is 8000 miles, the so called fake ISS is 200 miles above earth.

In that distance, you can only view 3% of the earth surface.

To view the near side of the earth, you must be at least 10000 miles away from the earth.

Simple facts, can you see it? 

The much theoretical nonsense being portrayed as science. em theory, qm, relativity, tbb, black hole, photon, time travel, dark matter, simulation.

Maxwell was wrong. there is no transverse wave/em wave moving at light speed in space, due to there is no force carrier in space.

Computer simulation can only produce digital signals, the real world is based on matter and energy. 

Time is not a place, time has no location. Where is past or future? How to travel to nowhere?

Simple facts, can you see it?

NASA faked moon landing, some shadows are right under the object, means they made the video at noontime, which is not morning time as they said/should.

NASA, China, Japan all fake news about solar sails work in space, photons able to transfer momentum to solar sail to accelerate spaceship.

They lied right in front your eyes.

If light/photon has momentum, why is laser beam cannot bend a flame? why is light mill not moving in a hard vacuum?

All space missions are fake, cuz they faked the time delay for space radio transmission.

Light/em waves travel in vacuum space at an infinite speed, only within mediums at a limited speed. 

So any communication takes more than 1/100 second is faked.

All scientists think light speed is c in the vacuum, they all wrong.

If light speed is limited in vacuum space, all-stars, galaxies we see are from the past, how can scientists map the universe and measure the total mass?

It is all bs, all lies.

There is no solar wind. what mechanism? why protons and electrons on the way to earth do not attract each other and form into hydrogen atoms? why does gravity not pull them back into the sun? 

Van Allen Belts? what's mechanism? the sun's energy/radiation/light strength decay at 1/rr, the only way to find stronger radiation is to get closer.

Near around earth, radiation strength is the same, within the atmosphere, it decreases. 

So between earth and the moon, the radiation strength is about the same, less within our atmosphere.

EM drive? powered by quantum vacuum virtual plasma. it is voodoo science. quantum anything is bs. 

LIGO detected gravity wave from 1.3 billion years ago? you wave hand will produce more detectable gravity wave than far away stars explode. why can't LIGO detect CME or earthquake?

Gravity wave speed is infinite, gravity has to be instantaneous, otherwise, no planets can stay in orbit.

Voyager is fake, gravity is decelerating it at all the times, how can it escape from the solar system? 

ISS is fake, AC systems cannot work in vacuum space, heat cannot radiate into space but matter.

If heat can radiate into space, the earth will be as hot as the sun, the whole universe will be at the same temperature, thermal equilibrium.

Einstein was wrong about time dilation.

Put same atomic clocks in the sun, earth, mars, flying air plan, for 1 day.

Each clock will have a different reading.

Which time is dilated? which clock has correct time?

Time dilation is a misinterpretation of timer's moving rate/reading affected by gravity/acceleration/force upon it.

Time is not a thing, the time has no location, cannot be touched, what is dilating what? how? 

All things happening is at now, all existence is at now, time is forever ongoing now, all past became now, all future will become now.

What is space? void, emptiness, nothingness, therefore, no property, no boundary, anything can fit in it.

How can gravity curve space? what is curving? gravity is attraction force between matters/masses. there is no matter in space that can be curved. 

How can gravity slow down light, so light cannot escape from big mass/star so it becomes a black hole? if gravity can slow down light, why sunlight and flashlight have the same speed?

They took a picture of stars behind of the sun at that solar eclipse, to proved gravity bends light path?

It is another misinterpretation, hot plasma on the sun deflected star lights. our atmosphere deflects star lights the same principle.

The most famous equation e=mcc is a math trick, not fact.

Mass is condensed charged particles. energy is emf matter carried. totally different, cannot equivalent. 

A 1 kg gold bar at rest has no energy but thermal energy, for it to carry 1kgcc energy, it must move at 1.414 c speed. how fast can we move a bullet? 

Nuclear energy? 1 kg best fuel, how many % of it can produce heat? 

The most famous experiment double slit is a misinterpretation, all waves are within a medium/matter waves, there is no light/wave in space.

Light is not wave nor particle, but electron's vibration force. try double slit experiment in a vacuum chamber, wave property will disappear.

The fabric of space-time? Ripples of gravity wave? Distortion? 

What is the compound of the fabric or ripples? What is distorting what? What is the mechanism?

Why did all scientists fall for such nonsense and made it mainstream? 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Every science forum banned my IP, many science channels deleted my comment. Why?

Caught a lying professor today. You be the judge.

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Joe Chang
Joe Chang
10 hours ago
STFU and calculate. Calculate what? Isn't between 1 electron and 1 proton in a hydrogen atom there only exist 1 force F=Ke x pq/rr?

Anyone knows that 1 proton and 1 electron can form into a hydrogen atom. Because that is science said.

But in fact, no scientist can explain how exactly a hydrogen atom is formed.

Between 1 proton and 1 electron at distance r, there is only one force exist, the strongest attraction force in nature, F=Ke x pq/rr.

The 2 opposite charged particles must collide under that force.

It is impossible that electron able to circling/waving/orbiting/clouding around proton to form a stable atom.

What is the mechanism?

Many theories are not ture, people accept them because scientists/schools promote them.

Day after day, people become sheeple, more and more.

Professor Dave Explains
Professor Dave Explains
9 hours ago
Buddy, I know it's hard to understand science, but that doesn't make science wrong. In the early twentieth century physicists grappled with this challenge too, regarding the stability of the atom, but that was one tiny chapter in the greater story of quantum physics, which did indeed solve that problem. This clip talks about certain aspects of that model, without doing any of the math, as this is introductory content. Electromagnetism is also not the strongest force. That's the strong nuclear force. Protons and electrons do not collide because of the wave nature of matter. If you are curious to know more, study some physics. It is not the case that the entire scientific community is wrong just because you don't understand physics. Science is not dogma, as comforting as that idea may be to the layperson.

Joe Chang
Joe Chang
8 hours ago
Appreciate your reply. Professor Dave.

The wave nature of the matter is a mistake. There is no such thing as photon/quanta, but scientists talk about it all day long. The standard model of atomic structure is impossible, but it becomes the foundation of modern science. Science becomes religion, controlled by education system and mainstream media.

Quantum mechanism theory builds on word puzzles. orbit, cloud, probability wave, wave function collapse, uncertainty principle, wave-particle duality. energy level, quantum states. All imaginary.

The godfather of QM, who won Nobel for photoelectric effect theory, confessed on his last days.
All these fifty years of conscious brooding have brought me no nearer to the answer to the question, 'What are light quanta?' Nowadays every Tom, D i c k and Harry thinks he knows it, but he is mistaken. -Albert Einstein

I think the best way to expose all science mistakes is to prove light is not wave nor particle by doing a new double slit experiment in vacuum. Light is not wave nor particle in vacuum space, light/EM waves can only exist within a medium/matter, such as air, water and glass. I predict the double slit experiment in a vacuum chamber, the light wave interference pattern will disappear, only two bright lines behind of the slits will left on the screen. This simple experiment can prove quantum mechanics is mistake. Light is not wave nor particle in vacuum space. There is no such thing as quantum/photon. This experiment can win a Nobel Prize easily.

Too bad I don't have the equips to do it. If you can do it or ask some scientist to do it, you can change the world over night.

Professor Dave Explains
Professor Dave Explains
7 hours ago
I don't understand the comfort that people get by telling themselves that the whole world is wrong and they are right. Maybe I just wasn't born with the capacity for that level of hubris. But you have to try to understand that you are looking at the body of scientific knowledge from afar, as an uneducated layperson. To look at it all and shrug it aside is utterly nonsensical. It's like going up to two Chinese people and insisting that their language is just a bunch of random sounds simply because you don't understand them. They have a country of 1.5 billion people that use the language every day to create culture and commerce and communicate complex emotions, so it's definitely a language. And science definitely works, in an interrelated way. You can't just say that the wave nature of matter is wrong, and then expect the rest of science to remain intact. It doesn't work that way. If you get rid of science, then computers and satellites and cell phones disappear. But they are here.

Electromagnetic waves do not require a medium. They travel through the vacuum of space. The entire body of modern physics would be meaningless were this not true, and we use modern physics every day for practical purposes, so it is factually real. There are quanta, and the evidence does not rest on a single experiment. It is irrevocably intertwined with our entire understanding of the universe. Uncertainty Principle, wave-particle duality, orbitals, these are not word puzzles. They appear as such because you are not educated. They are real words that mean real things, and anyone who wants to learn about them can do so. But you have to dedicate yourself to many years of studying. You can't get it all from one YouTube video. The collective knowledge of mankind is available to anyone who wishes to attain it. You can interface with it, mold it, contribute to it. It is not a religion. It is a constantly evolving body of knowledge. Ask any scientist, or any science student.

It's very convenient to look at the whole thing from afar and shake your head. But that is either laziness, or cowardice, or both. Either grow up and take some responsibility for your alleged views, or remain silent.

Joe Chang
Joe Chang
7 hours ago
Electromagnetic waves do not require a medium. They travel through the vacuum of space.

What is the mechanism? Professor Dave.

Professor Dave Explains
Professor Dave Explains
7 hours ago
There is no mechanism. What mechanism? You are trying to analogize light waves to sound waves. Sound waves are mechanical waves, they are waves of the medium itself. It's an utterly different phenomenon that does not apply to this. I have tutorials on electromagnetism in my general chemistry and classical physics series if you want to learn more.

Joe Chang
Joe Chang
7 hours ago
Everything has its precise mechanism. Don't you agree?

Call me not educated, next delete my comment?

Joe Chang
Joe Chang
7 hours ago
What is the mechanism of light? How electrons change energy level and emit photon? What is energy level? What is photon made of? What is the difference between red and blue photon?

Joe Chang
Joe Chang
5 hours ago
I am awake, but I am no body. If you awake, you can wake up many. Use your talent to the max for mankind!

Professor Dave Explains
Professor Dave Explains
5 hours ago
I only delete comments that contain blatant self-promotion, and I only block channels for excessive vulgarity and hate speech. I am not in the business of censorship.

Yes, I am saying that you are uneducated. You are asking me questions that are covered in a high school chemistry class. If you want to know about energy levels and photon absorption/emission, I have tutorials in my general chemistry series on the Bohr model, electromagnetic radiation, and other related topics. You can also study chemistry in a more formal setting, but many people don't have the time or the money. That is the service I try to provide. I summarize what is learned in a high school and undergraduate education, highlighting the key points and skipping some finer details.

You seem to be very interested in scientific phenomena. So learn science.

Joe Chang
Joe Chang
5 hours ago
What carries transverse EM waves in the vacuum space?

Joe Chang
Joe Chang
5 hours ago
Do you agree that all waves science talked about are matter waves? Without a medium, what waves? Virtual particles such as photon? Do you have precise answers?

Joe Chang
Joe Chang
5 hours ago
Do you understand double slit experiment is done is air/medium? Never done in vacuum? Do you have reasonable doubt if double slit experiment in vacuum, the result will be differ?
Have the science spirit to find it out?

Joe Chang
Joe Chang
57 minutes ago
What is photon made of? Please.

Professor Dave Explains
Professor Dave Explains
53 minutes ago
It's not made of anything. It's an elementary particle. Zero mass, carries the electromagnetic force, always moves at the speed of light.

Joe Chang
Joe Chang
46 minutes ago
Only charged particles carry electrostatic force. Does so called photon carry any charges? If so why light does not deflect in EM field? Do you know light speed in vacuum is instantaneous?

Joe Chang
Joe Chang
41 minutes ago
Do you know the exact mechanism of light? Electrons change energy level therefore emit photons? Really? Why electron not stick to proton under tremendous strong attraction force?

Joe Chang
Joe Chang
30 minutes ago
The force between charged particles F=Ke x pq/rr is the carrier of energy/emf/light/em wave/photon/quantum entanglement, do you understand? The force is inherited, always there, therefore it is instantaneous. Only when energy/emf pass through matter/medium, it has limited speed/light speed, due to f=ma, all matter have mass, therefore limited speed.

Joe Chang
Joe Chang
8 minutes ago
You should realize if I am correct, you can win a Nobel and change the world over night by doing the double slit experiment in a vacuum chamber. Please give a try, for future generation. Theoretical physics is way out.

Joe Chang
Joe Chang
5 minutes ago
You said,  Electromagnetic waves do not require a medium. They travel through the vacuum of space. The entire body of modern physics would be meaningless were this not true.

Are you sure? How EM waves travel in the vacuum space at light speed? What is the mechanism? What carries so called transverse wave? Still think Maxwell was correct?

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

So far, maybe forever, we can only use mass ejection/rocket fuel for propulsion in space travel.

The moon is very close. How much rocket fuel able to send a man to the moon? Travel to the moon is almost impossible, to other star systems is just pure fiction.

Escape velocity is mistake. A bullet at 11 km/s straight up, without air resistance, how high can it go? After it reaches the highest point, will it come down? How can anything escape from earth or solar system gravity attraction forever?

Read and believe, without understanding precise mechanism, not a good way of learning.