Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Light is waving and shining on all the stars and planets simultaneously throughout space.

All stars and planets are moving, all atoms are vibrating, all living and happening, are existing only at forever ongoing now.

The whole universe is living, moving, changing, evolving and reforming constantly due to energy and matter are conserved.

Man is the only witness of God.

Past is in our memories, future is in our dreams, we are Gods living on earth.

Be nice, do your best.

Electromagnetic Radiation and Antenna Mechanism

Hold magnets in both hands, same poles face to each other, feel the repulsion force? Yes. 
Wave one hand, feel the kinetic energy instantly transferred to another hand? Yes. 
Are the two hands waving at the same frequency? Yes. 
Is there any magnetic wave traveling at light speed between the two hands? No. 
The repulsion force is the conductor of kinetic energy, enable the kinetic energy in one magnet to induce kinetic energy in another magnet simultaneously. We can call this phenomena magnetic radiation. There is no magnetic wave or magnetic force moving in vacuum space, magnetic wave and magnetic force are coexisting with the force carriers, the magnets.  

Inside the earth atmosphere, the air is the carrier/medium of the so-called EM wave. Free electrons vibrate with AC current in the transmitter antenna, induce lines of sight air atoms electrons to vibrate at the same frequency and propagate in the air at light speed, this vibrating electric force/EM wave reach receiver antenna and induce free electrons to vibrate at the same frequency to produce AC current.

In the vacuum space, there is no medium between the antennas, the repulsion force between lines of sight free electrons on the surfaces of the antennas F=Ke x PQ/R^2 is the conductor of energy, enable the AC current in the transmitter antenna to induce AC current in the receiver antenna simultaneously.  

EM wave strength decays at 1/R^2, magnetic force strength decays at 1/R^3. Electromagnetic radiation is a misconception, there are electrostatic radiation and magnetic radiation, but there is no electromagnetic radiation. 

Light is shining and waving with all matters simultaneously throughout the universe. There is no light propagating in vacuum space. Relativity, quantum mechanics and cosmology are all based on light propagating in vacuum space at 3 x 10^8 m/s, are all mistaken. 

Light wave is vibrating electrostatic force traveling in medium/air/water/glass/matter.
No light, no radiation, and no wave exist in vacuum space. Vacuum space is just empty space, it contains nothing at all.

The photoelectric effect is a misinterpretation. There is no photon particles hitting electrons on the solar cell transferring momentum to knock electrons out to produce an electric current.

EM wave strength is proportional to frequency, high enough frequency EM wave can vibrate electrons out from the solar cell to produce an electric current.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Lines of sight electrons on the surface of matters repel each other with Coulomb's force F=Ke x Q1Q2/R^2. That force is the conductor of light, enable electrons on the surface of matters to share their kinetic energy simultaneously.

Light is shining and waving with all matters simultaneously throughout the universe.

Lines of sight stars/planets/matters in space attract each other with Newton's force F=G x M1M2/R^2. That force is the conductor of kinetic energy, if the Sun has a quake, all lines of sight matters will shake simultaneously.

Those forces are like invisible arms holding all matters as one. All matters are moving, all atoms are vibrating, all matter and energy, all existing and happening are at forever ongoing now.

All past became now, all future will become now. In reality, forever ongoing now is universal, past and future don't exist.

Theoretical physics is totally fucked up since Einstein's relativity became mainstream.

Science became a religion, relativity, quantum mechanics, string theory, the standard model, the big bang theory and cosmology are all based on imaginary made up word puzzles, impossible assumptions, misinterpretations, and false mathematical equations. No theory is based on fact and logic, no theory has a precise mechanism, cause and effect explained.

There is no such thing in reality as photon particle, quantum state, quantum energy, quantum field, quantum gravity, energy level, electron shell, electron-hole, electron cloud, wave-particle duality, wave function collapse, uncertainty principle, black hole, dark matter, dark energy, graviton, virtual particle, space-time, time dilation, gravitational lensing, quantum entanglement and photoelectric effect. Space cannot tell matter how to move, the matter cannot tell space how to curve, there is no fabric of space-time, no ripples of gravity wave in vacuum space.

For example, time dilation is a misinterpretation of timers reading charged at a different speed, gravity or temperature. Put the same clocks in the Sun, Mars, earth, flying plan and freezer for 24 hours, every clock will have a different reading but all spent the same 24 hours.
Gravitational lensing is a misinterpretation of the hot gas on the Sun deflected light, not gravity.
Quantum entanglement is a misinterpretation of Coulomb's force at work. All lines of sight charged particles are connected by F=Ke x PQ/R^2, therefore, act as entangled.

No theory, no scientist can explain how 1 electron and 1 proton can form into a stable hydrogen atom yet. Look at the pictures of the hydrogen atom, what do you see?

The standard model is absolutely incorrect, fusion is impossible and imaginary, the stars are not fusion reactors. That's why scientists wasted 80 years and lots of money to research and develop fusion without any success.

Scientists don't know exactly what is energy yet. How could E=MC^2 be correct?

What is energy?

Energy is the electrostatic motive force carried by moving/vibrating matter and electron/atom. Energy must coexist with the matter. Therefore there is no light wave, no energy traveling in space at light speed. All theories based on light propagating in vacuum space is mistaken.

All energy came from atom formation. Oppositely charged particles attract each other and same charged particles repel each other to form an atom, atom carried charged particles kinetic energy and constantly vibrating.

It is important to realize that in physics today, we have no knowledge of what energy is. We do not have a picture that energy comes in little blobs of a definite amount. It is not that way. -Feynman

All these fifty years of conscious brooding have brought me no nearer to the answer to the question, 'What are light quanta?' Nowadays every Tom, D i c k and Harry thinks he knows it, but he is mistaken. - Einstein

Monday, May 20, 2019

In a well educated world, everyone should know gravity has no speed.

Gravity is coexisting with matters all the times. Gravity does not move from matter to matter, does not propagate in space at light speed. There is no gravity wave in space, there is no gravity in space, gravity and gravity wave must coexist with mass/matter. What high education we have? All scientists are saying gravity wave propagating in space at light speed. It is totally wrong. Gravity wave speed is earthquake wave speed, there is no gravity wave propagate in space at light speed, no gravitational wave ripples in the fabric of space-time.

Do you understand?
Two easiest ways to win the Nobel Prize

1. Prove light must coexist with the matter, there is no light wave in vacuum space.

The most famous double slit experiment is a misinterpretation. Do a new double slit experiment in a vacuum, the light will not show wave property.

The first person to do a double slit experiment in a vacuum, prove there is no light wave in vacuum space, can win a Nobel and change the history.

If you have access, you should take this unique opportunity.

Put the slits and screen on the inside walls of a square glass container. Point a laser beam on the slits, video the light wave interference on the screen. Then vacuum the container, video the interference disappear and left two bright lines on the screen as if light act as a particle.

In fact, light is not wave nor particle, light is vibrating electrostatic force carry by vibrating electrons/atoms. Crookes radiometer spins in low vacuum, but not spin in hard/high vacuum. Proved light is not photon particles that have momentum. Scientists are too stupid to see the fact.

2. Measure light speed in a vacuum glass bottle to prove it is infinite.

Use MIT 10 trillion frames per second camera to measure light speed in a vacuum glass bottle, we can prove light teleport over vacuum space, there is no light propagate in vacuum space at light speed.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

What is energy?

Hold a magnet in each hand, feel the repulsion or attraction force?

Now wave 1 hand, feel the kinetic energy/electromotive force teleport to another hand?

Is there any magnetic wave traveling at light speed between hands?

Do you get what is energy? Do you understand energy must coexist with the matter?

Forces are invisible arms holding all matters as one.

Energy is moving force keeping all matters in motion.

Energy and matter are coexisting and conserved.

The universe is inherited, no beginning no end.