Saturday, January 19, 2019

Science Lies - science is the biggest liar

Present science has many mistakes. From atomic structure to the mechanism of light, from gravity to magnetism, from energy to space and time.

Science says 1 electron and 1 proton able to form a hydrogen atom. That is impossible. The 2 particles attract each other with the strongest attraction force in nature F=Ke x pe/rr. Therefore they must stick together under that force. The electron is impossible to circle/wave/cloud around the proton to form a stable atom. If the standard model of atomic structure is wrong, the rest of science will be all wrong.

Science says light is photon particle emitted from electron changes energy level, photons travel in vacuum at speed C. It is all mistake. There is no such thing as photon particle. Electrons don't have orbit or energy level. Sun light reaches Earth instantly, travels in air at C speed.

The Sun is not ongoing fusion reactor, the Sun does not radiate energy into space. Energy must coexist with matter. Gravity speed is infinite. Light speed in space is infinite.

This blog is my theories about nature. Please read, think and comment.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Atomic structure

Present science says a hydrogen atom is made from 1 electron and 1 proton. The electron is circling/waving/clouding around the proton to form a stable atom.

This is impossible,  because there is only one force exists between 1 proton and 1 electron at distance r, the strongest attraction force in nature F=Ke x pq/rr.

According to physics laws, the two particles must collide under that force. Electron is impossible to wave/cloud/orbit around proton to form a stable atom.

My atomic model of a hydrogen atom

1 electron carries 1 negative charge.

If we smash the electron into 1000000 equal pieces, each piece will carry 1/1000000 negative charge. Let's call it enertron.

Since enertrons carry the same negative charge, they repel each other.

If we have a perfect bottle, which means no leakage, no react, like glass bottle to air.

We put 1000000 enertrons into the perfect bottle. since enertrons repel each other, they put a pressure on the bottle wall. let's measure and call that pressure 1 volt.

If we put 8000000 enertrons into the same bottle, the pressure on the wall should be 4 volt.

Now if 1 enertron is moving or vibrating, the rest all enertrons will be energized.

That is the mechanism of light/quantum/em wave.

Now if we put 1 positive charge into the perfect bottle, what will happen?

The enertrons should be attracted by the positive charge and form a ball around it, the closer to the positive charge the denser enertron cloud. the density of the enertron is decay at 1/rrr due to the repulsion force between enertrons decay at 1/rr.

Now image enertron is the real thing, it carries a tiny negative charge, something like 1/10^33 electron charge, but it has a stronger force field, similar to neodymium magnet compare with a ceramic magnet.

Image proton actually carries 918 positive charges, it attracted 917 total charges of enertrons formed a solid ball, 1 electron attached to the ball to form a neutrally charged hydrogen atom. 1 atomic weight equals to 1936 total charges, no matter positive or negative charges.

This is the realistic atomic structure. the electrons are constantly vibrating on the plane at 90 degrees to the atom radius due to the kinetic energy it carries.

Atoms are solid balls, that's why the matter is not compressible.

If atoms are constructed as science told you, 99.99% empty space, why matter is not compressible? Electron shell/wave/cloud/orbital are negatively charged, they do not stick to positive changed nuclear is a magic, how can it stand any pressure without crashing?

Why is energy conserved?

If you put a moving force on any enerctrons in the perfect bottle, that emf is spreading to all the lines of sight enertrons instantly by the repulsion force between them f=Ke x ee/rr, they all are moving now, and cannot stop ever.

Do we have a perfect bottle?

Yes, every atom is a perfect bottle. all matters are a perfect bottle. atom's binding force locked charged particles within it, energy has nowhere to go but bounce within and between matters.

The forces f=Ke x e1e2/rr and f=G x m1m2/rr are like perfect springs between matters, connected all matters in 1 at all the time.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018


There are two kinds of energy. Kinetic energy is motive force carried by moving matter. Potential energy is stored kinetic energy within matter. Energy must coexist with  mater.

All energy came from matter formation. Opposite charged particles attract each other to form atoms. Atoms carried its formation energy and constantly vibrate.

Energy is immortal, energy cannot vanish into space. The sun will never die. Big Bang theory is wrong.

The universe is made from charged particles. Same charged particles repel each other, opposite charged particles attract each other, thus atom/matter able to form. F=Ke x pq/rr is the basic law of the nature.

Any two line of sight electrons repel each other constantly with force F=Ke x ee/rr. That force is the conductor of light energy/vibrating electron's kinetic energy, connected the two electrons as one. 

Monday, November 26, 2018

Electromagnetic Radiation

Electrons are constantly vibrating due to the energy atoms carried. The higher temperature the higher vibration frequency.

Vibrating electrons carry kinetic energy, that energy can transfer to distant matters through the repulsion force between line of sight electrons, science call it electromagnetic radiation. In Fact, there is only electrostatic radiation, there is no electromagnetic radiation.   

There are two kinds of radiation. When an electron vibrating at right angle to the radius of the atom, it produces transverse radiation. When electron vibrating at radius direction, it produces longitudinal radiation. Both radiation must coexist with matter.

Between 2 electrons at distance r, the repulsion force F=Ke x ee/rr is the conductor of electro radiation. This force is acting as a massless stiff rod, entangled the two electrons as 1.

In transverse radiation, this force is acting as a stiff rod. If 1 electron is moving at 90 degrees to the force line, the other electron will instantly receive an opposite direction emf.

In longitudinal radiation, this force instantly transfer emf between electrons.

When radiation/emf moving in a medium, it causes mechanical wave in the medium, science call it EM wave. 

The Sun does not radiate EM wave into space, only radiate emf to maters.

Gravity is induced electrostatic attraction force between neutrally charged masses. Similar to sexual attraction among married couples.

The greatest 2 physics laws tell the secret already.

F=Ke x q1q2/rr and F=G x m1m2/rr both forces decay at 1/rr must have same nature.

Matter is condensed charged particles, a matter's mass equals to total charged particles it carries. Without charged particles, there is no mass, no matter, no force and no energy. Charged particles are the soul and flesh of the universe.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Do a double slit experiment in vacuum, light will act like particle not wave. Nothing can wave in vacuum space.

Measure light speed in a vacuum glass bottle using one trillion frame per second camera, you will find light speed is infinite.

Both experiment can prove present theory of light is wrong, win you a Nobel Prize.

Saturday, November 24, 2018


Between two parallel conducting wires at distance r, free electrons are repelling each other with electrostatic force F=Ke x ee/rr. That force conducts emf between the two conductors. If electrons move in one conductor, it will induce an opposite direction emf in other conductor. The strength of the induced emf is inversely proportional to distance square.

A magnet carries circular electric force field. One pole has clockwise electric force one pole has counterclockwise electric force.

Magnetic force is circular electric force. A current passing wire does not create a circular magnetic force/field, it creates an electric force, which line up with compass/magnet carried electric force line, make the compass move to 90 degrees to the wire.

Every magnetic domain/magton contains 2 atoms. 2 atoms of a ferromagnetic matter before magnetize, we put it as 00. if 1 electron moves from 1 atom to the next atom and stays there as -1+1, the 2 atoms become a magton, it carries a special property now, we call it magnetic force. -1+1, -2+2, -3+3...-n+n are all magtons but carry different magnetic force strength. Same direction magtons attract and opposite direction magtons repel.

Before magnetize, atoms in the magnet are all neutral. After magnetize, atoms become magton line up into concentric rings all across the poles.

Use copper wire winding around a ferromagnetic core, put a current, the electrons in the wire move in circles around the core, induced emf in the core make atoms in the core arrange into magtons as -1+1, -1+1, -1+1 direction all the way through, on the north pole plane, magtons are arranged into clockwise concentric circles of -1+1, -1+1, -1+1 direction. On the south pole plane , magtons are arranged into counterclockwise concentric rings of -1+1, -1+1, -1+1 direction.

Faraday's law of induction is a misinterpretation.

Electromagnetic induction was discovered independently by Michael Faraday in 1831 and Joseph Henry in 1832.[4] Faraday was the first to publish the results of his experiments.[5][6] In Faraday's first experimental demonstration of electromagnetic induction (August 29, 1831),[7] he wrapped two wires around opposite sides of an iron ring (torus) (an arrangement similar to a modern toroidal transformer). Based on his assessment of recently discovered properties of electromagnets, he expected that when current started to flow in one wire, a sort of wave would travel through the ring and cause some electrical effect on the opposite side. He plugged one wire into a galvanometer, and watched it as he connected the other wire to a battery. Indeed, he saw a transient current (which he called a "wave of electricity") when he connected the wire to the battery, and another when he disconnected it.[8]:182–183 This induction was due to the change in magnetic flux that occurred when the battery was connected and disconnected. Wiki

There is no magnetic flux. When current flow in one wire, induced emf in the core make atoms in the core arrange into magtons as -1+1, -1+1, -1+1 direction all the way through, this emf induce a temporary current in other wire. When the battery disconnected, lose of emf in the core cause the magtons to return to atoms, this electrons movement in the core induce an opposite temporary current again in the other wire.

There is no electromagnetic wave, only electric wave/electrostatic wave. Because magnetic force/field decays at 1/R^3, light strength decays at 1/R^2.