Friday, January 6, 2017

how exactly electrons absorb electrical or laser/light energy? aren't electrons orbiting around at high speed? 

what mechanism makes electrons orbiting around? which plane is electrons orbiting around? why orbitals never crash? how hard is electron clouds/orbitals? why atoms are harder than diamond? 

what is high-energy orbit? orbit closer to nucleus?

what is photon made of? how electrons absorb and emit photon? 

without solid answers, how can you accept it as science fact?

nucleus are in fact solid balls, electrons are stick to the ball under electrostatic force. 

in my theory, 3 building blocks make up atoms.

proton carries 900 positive charges, electron carries 1 negative charge, enertron carries tiny negative charge, but it has more charge to volume ratio than electron.

a proton can never be observed by itself, proton is deep hidden within a dense enertron ball. if atom is like earth, proton is like the core, enertron is like the land, electron is like giant ping pong ball.

electron can never get inside of atom radius, that's why atoms are not compressible, no discharge within atom.

proton attracts -899 energtron and 1 electron to become neutral charged atom. 

we can not detect enertron because it is too small and attracted by proton more strongly than electron.

when proton beams impact, in fact is proton/enertron balls impact, enertron balls explode, produce all kinds of em phenomena. 

without charges, there is no force, there is no mass. cus you cannot measure mass without using force.

1 atomic mass equals to 1800 total charges, no matter the sign of the charge, that's why proton weight 1800 times electron weight but only carries 1 positive charge, the rest 899 positive charge is used up to balance -899 enertron ball.

a hydrogen atom is made of +900 charged proton surrounded by -899 charged enertron ball, add 1 electron on the outer sphere. 

the atom has 2 force fields, positive field fp=ke x 900/r^2, negative field fe=ke x -900/r^2.

those positive and negative fields between atoms/matters interact/induction becomes bounding/gravitation.