Saturday, August 27, 2016

every atom is an ac generator

the distance between nucleus and electron is changing with vibrating em force 

therefore it produces positive and negative changing electric field

other atoms sense the vibration force and vibrate at same frequency according to distance. f=q1q2/rr

sunlight heats up anything by vibrating electrons on its surface atoms.

you can see words on the screen because electrons on the screen vibrate and share their vibration force with the electrons in your eyes.

Friday, August 26, 2016

atoms are not as science told you

electrons are not moving around nucleus

there are tiny negative charged particles surround nucleus

like the crust surround earth core

electrons are like water float on the surface of atoms

if atoms are 99.99% empty like they told you

why matter is not compressible like a balloon?

why electrons are not stick to nucleus under attraction force?

quantum theory created to explain atoms

miss lead the world for so long

it is not science but mathmagic

see an atom closely

electrons are attracted by nucleus positive charge

repelled by crust/tiny negative charges made balls

balanced at atom radius without other force

now if you push the electron closer to the nucleus

you'll feel a force pushes you away

so all atoms are constantly vibrate under force/energy

the distance between nucleus and electrons are constantly changing due to energy/force

separated atoms/matters are connected by gravity

electrons on the surface of matters are constantly vibrate and produce vibrating force which energize other electrons on the surface atoms of other matters.

the mechanism of light/radiant energy/em wave/photon.
put strong magnet in both hands, same pole face each other, feel the repelling force/tension? yes.

now move 1 hand back and forth to the other hand, what do you feel?

that is the mechanism of light/em wave/photon/quantum.

instead of magnets, all electrons in the space are connected by electrostatic force f=ee/rr. they repel each other all the time. any 1 is moving, all other electrons share the force according to distance.

science told you light is wave or photon particle or mixed, all wrong, light is oscillating electrostatic force, there is nothing waving or passing space but vibrational em force.

after you understood all this, you will realize the sun will never cool down, all energy is shared by all masses in the space according to their mass and position/distance.

there is no nuclear reaction in the sun, the sun's energy is from its mass.

gravity is induced electrostatic force between masses.

similar to married couples sexuely attract other married couples.

mass is came from charges carried within it, the more mass equal to the more charges. 

electrostatic force decay at 1/rr, gravity decay at 1/rr, nature showed us gravity is induced em force, scientists just don't get it yet.
if nasa was right, light has momentum, solar sailing works, why light mills spin the wrong direction?

why earth is not pushed away from the sun?

cutting laser is strong light beam, should have stronger hitting/pushing force than sunlight, correct?

why cutting laser cannot bend a flame or make air flow? 

because light/laser beam is vibrational electrostatic force, it makes electrons vibrating in atoms to produce heat, it has no momentum.

light is not wave nor particle, but vibrating/oscillating em force produced by vibrating electrons/atoms/charges/matters.
gravity is induced electrostatic force between neutral charged masses/matters.

similar to married couples will sexually attract other married couples.

without charges there is no force nor mass. 

gravity can only work/interact on mass/charge, nothing else.

gravity does not bend space, space contains nothing at all.

gravity/force does not dilate time but change timer moving rate.