Thursday, December 22, 2016

The speed of light, gravity and electrostatic force are the same.

Why? accident? 

Gravity is induced electrostatic force between neutral charged matters. Simple as that.

Light is vibrating electrostatic force produced by vibrating atoms.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Einstein and Maxwell are both fraud.

Time Travel is impossible. NASA lied about EM Drive and Solar Sail. LIGO lied about Detected Gravity Wave. Reality is a Computer Simulation is a lie. Global Warming is a lie. Flat Earth is a lie. Y2K is a lie.  BS top scientists are leading the world's science.

Do we deserve a Science Revolution?

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Light is not wave, put double slits in vacuum. there would be NO light wave interference. Why?
All waves are produced by matter in motion. Light wave is vibrating EM force moving in transparent matter/medium. All lights we see are EM force passing through air or water or glass. Matters are waving under force, therefore act as wave.
Put double slits in vacuum, light/vibrating EM force from light source is acting directly on the area behind the slits, there is no medium on the way to make wave, therefore no wave pattern can be found but 2 bright lines behind the slit.
Sun light on earth is vibrating EM force passing through air, it acts like wave. Light wave meets metal, transfer the vibrating force to free electrons to produce electron flow/current, that's the real mechanism of photoelectric effect. Not as Einstein thought photons transfer momentum to knock out electrons to produce current.
There is no photon, no transverse wave passing through space between light source and target, but those surface atoms share their vibrating EM force.