Friday, April 12, 2019

Fundamental Forces

All matters are made from atoms, all atoms are made from charged particles.

Charged particles only carry electrostatic force, therefore all forces matters carried must be an electrostatic force in nature. Same charges repel each other, opposite charges attract each other.

Strong and weak force are imaginary, never can be measured or calculated. If there is a strong force that can make protons stick together, there must be a strong force carrier, and it must be negatively charged. If there is a weak force, what is the force carrier? What is its charge? How can all atoms are neutrally charged?

Magnetic force is circular electrostatic force carried by a magnet or circular current. Magnet north pole carries clockwise electric force, south pole carries counterclockwise electric force.   

Coulomb's force and gravity are the most accurate measured forces in labs. Magnetic force is used daily.

From Coulomb's Law, we can calculate the universal levitation force between matter 1 and matter 2 at distance R, which is the repulsion force between lines of sight electrons on the surface of matter 1 and matter 2. F=Ke x q1q2/R^2, q1, and q2 are the total charge of lines of sight electrons on matter 1 and matter 2.

Levity is 10^36 times stronger than gravity, how come matters are still attracting each other with gravity?

Because gravity is the net electrostatic force between charged particles between neutrally charged matters.

All positive charges in matter 1 attract all negative charges in matter 2 and repel all positive charges, all negative charges in matter 1 attract all positive charges in matter 2 and repel all negative charges.

Due to electrostatic force induction between neutrally charges matters, the net force is always a weak attraction force we called gravity F=G x m1m2/R^2.

Gravity causes matter formation, the planet in orbit. Coulomb's force and levity cause all other natural phenomena. Such as quantum entanglement, induction, photoelectric effect, radiation and light.

Forces are coexisting with matters, forces are continuing and instantaneously throughout space, therefore energy able to teleport between matters. 

Hot plasma on the Sun carry vibrating electrostatic force/energy, that energy teleport to Earth outer atmosphere through levity and propagate in air at light speed.

LIGO lied detected gravity wave from 1.3 billion years ago, gravity is instantaneous, gravity wave is instant. If gravity is not instantaneous, no planets can have a stable orbit. 

Scientists lied accurate measured Milky Way Galaxy total mass. They thought far away stars are from the past, light is photon particles traveling in space at light speed. 

The fact is all matters and energy are existing at forever ongoing now, nothing is existing in the past or future. There is no such thing as photon particle, no photon or EM wave traveling in space at light speed. 

Light is vibrating electrostatic force carried by vibrating electrons propagating through matter produced mechanical wave. Light can only coexist with matter, charge, and plasma. Light speed in a medium is the rate of induction of electrostatic force. There is no light in space, light teleport between matters in space instantly.

All theories based on light speed in vacuum space is C are mistaken.

Stars are not fusion reactors. Stars don’t radiate light into space at light speed at all directions. Energy must coexist with the matter. Stars only radiate thermal energy with planets according to their distance. If stars are fusion reactors, where is all the energy produced in the past? Why the temperature of the universe is not raising up?

All energy is coming from atom formation, oppositely charged particles attract each other, same charged particles repel each other, atoms able to form and carry formation energy, which is vibration electrostatic force carried by vibrating charged particles. Every atom is a perpetual machine.

The more atoms attracted together under gravity, the bigger the mass, the higher the energy density, the higher the temperature, and the higher vibration frequency. 

The Sun shares its thermal energy with Earth, also works as a heat sink, it keeps Earth temperature stable. All the heat we produced is radiated to the Sun, therefore Earth temperature is not rising up. 

Energy is conserved, this universe is a perpetual machine, the big bang theory is mistaken.

Monday, April 1, 2019

I am continually amazed at how Einstein's theory of Mass warping space, is considered dogma when the only real "proof" of his theory is Edington's observation of a star behind our sun, during a solar eclipse. Edington did not take into consideration the coronosphere of the sun. When the light from our sun enters Earth's atmosphere, it is bent, refracted, by the Earth's atmosphere. So when the light coming from the star that was behind the sun was visible here on Earth, it was because the sun's atmosphere/coronosphere refracted the light from that star so that it bent around the sun. Space was not warped, nor has it ever been warped. And because the universe is filled with pockets of gas that are invisible at great distances to the spectrographs that we have here on Earth, light passing through those gas pockets is refracted. But no one is talking about this. And as for Einstein's idea that speed warps time, this was supposedly "proven" by sending one of two sister atomic clocks into space where it travelled at thousands of miles per hour. And when it was returned to Earth, there was a difference in the times of the two clocks. But the truth of the matter is that atoms act differently in different strength magnetic fields. So the clock in orbit and the one on Earth were in different strength areas of the Earth's magnetosphere. So that totally blows apart Einstein's "space-time" theories