Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Force has infinite speed. Force act upon matters constantly at any distance. Forces coexist with the matter at all the time.

Only moving matter/mass has speed. Time has no speed, only timer's movement has speed.

Only matter can be moved, curved, compressed or expend. Time and space both have no physical existence.

Einstein theories are all based on false assumptions and misinterpretations.

The force between lines of sight matters is instantaneous, such as gravity between stars, the force between lines of sight charged particles.

All forces are coexisting with matters, therefore instantaneous.

Force passes through matter/medium has limited speed, such as oscillating electric force/light passes through air or water becoming em wave.

Without a medium, there is no wave. Sunlight/radiant energy instantly transfer energy to electrons on earth outer atmosphere, becomes light wave and passes through the atmosphere to reach us.

Matter, has mass, can never move at infinite speed. therefore teleportation is impossible science fiction.

Put a magnet in each hand, the same pole faces each other, feel the tension? what's its speed?

If you move one hand, what do you feel the other hand?  Is emf instantly transferred in opposite direction? Replace magnets with electrons, that is the mechanism of all em phenomena.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

To see the universe from an atom, give you logo pieces, you can build all kinds of toys.


1 electron carries 1 negative charge.

If we smash the electron into 1000000 equal pieces, each piece will carry 1/1000000 negative charge. Let's call it enertron.

Since enertrons carry the same negative charge, they repel each other.

If we have a perfect bottle, which means no leakage, no react, like glass bottle to air.

We put 1000000 enertrons into the perfect bottle. since enertrons repel each other, they put a pressure on the bottle wall. let's measure and call that pressure 1 volt.

If we put 8000000 enertrons into the same bottle, the pressure on the wall should be 4 volt.

Now if 1 enertron is moving or vibrating, the rest all enertrons will be energized.

That is the mechanism of light/quantum/em wave.

Now if we put 1 positive charge into the perfect bottle, what will happen?

The enertrons should be attracted by the positive charge and form a ball around it, the closer to the positive charge the denser enertron cloud. the density of the enertron is decay at 1/rrr due to the repulsion force between enertrons decay at 1/rr.

Now image enertron is the real thing, it carries a tiny negative charge, something like 1/10^33 electron charge, but it has a stronger force field, similar to neodymium magnet compare with a ceramic magnet.

Image proton actually carries 918 positive charges, it attracted 917 total charges of enertrons formed a solid ball, 1 electron attached to the ball to form a neutrally charged hydrogen atom. 1 atomic weight equals to 1936 total charges, no matter positive or negative charges.

This is the realistic atomic structure. the electrons are constantly vibrating on the plane at 90 degrees to the atom radius due to the kinetic energy it carries.

Atoms are solid balls, that's why the matter is not compressible.

If atoms are constructed as science told you, 99.99% empty space, why matter is not compressible? electron shell/wave/cloud/orbital are negatively charged, they do not stick to positive changed nuclear is a magic, how can they stand any force/impact/reaction without crashing?

Why is energy conserved?

If you put a moving force on any enerctrons in the perfect bottle, that emf is spreading to all the lines of sight enertrons instantly by the repulsion force between them f=Ke x ee/rr, they all are moving now, and cannot stop ever.

Do we have a perfect bottle?

Yes, every atom is a perfect bottle. all matters are a perfect bottle. atom's binding force locked charged particles within it, energy has nowhere to go but bounce within and between matters.

The forces f=Ke x e1e2/rr and f=G x m1m2/rr are like perfect springs between matters, connected all matters in 1 at all the time.


2 parallel wires at r distance, the free electrons in the 2 wires repel each other with force f=Ke x q1q2/rr, that force is the conductor of energy/moving electric force/emf. that force act as a class 1 lever with the fulcrum at the center, the mechanical advantage is equal to 1.

If electrons move in wire 1, electrons in wire 2 will instantly induce an opposite direction emf. the true mechanism of electromagnetic induction. similar to momentum conservation.

Every magnetic atom/magton contains 2 atoms. 2 atoms of a ferromagnetic matter before magnetize, we put it as 00. if 1 electron moved from 1 atom to the other atom and stays there as -11, the 2 atoms become a magton, it carries a special property now, we call it magnetic force.

-11, -22, -33...-nn are all magton but carry different magnetic force strength.

2 magtons attract each other in the direction -11><-11, and repel each other in the direction -11<>1-1 or 1-1<>-11.

Use copper wire winding around an iron core, put a current, the electrons in the wire move in circles around the core, make atoms in the core arrange into -11-11 directions all the way around the core. on the pole plane area, magtons are arranged as clockwise concentric circles of -11-11 directions, north pole.

Reverse the current direction, the pole plane area magtons are arranged in counterclockwise concentric circles of -11-11 directions, south pole.

So, a magnet north pole stored clockwise electric force, south pole stored counterclockwise electric force. the same poles always repel, different poles always attract.

There is only 1 force exists, coulomb force f=Ke x pq/rr. Gravity and magnetic force are both different configurations of electric force.

Without matters, there is no force. A single matter has no force. Force can only exist between matters.

Without a test body, where is the electric or magnetic force? where is gravity force?

The mysteries of the universe are within 2 equations.

f=Ke x e1e1/rr and f=G x m1m2/rr.

Those 2 forces rule everything existing.

The mechanism of quantum entanglement is simple. the force in between any 2 charged particles f=Ke x qp/rr is the conductor of energy/information/moving electric force. it is an invisible physical rod with zero mass that always connected 2 particles as 1. if 1 particle is energized, that energy instantly transferred to another. from f=ma, m=0, so energy instantly moved from 1 particle to another. Science called it quantum entanglement.


Gravity is induced electrical attraction force between neutrally charged masses/matters. Similar to sexual attraction between married couples and married couples.

The greatest 2 physics laws tell the secret already.

f=Ke x q1q2/rr and f=G x m1m2/rr both forces decay at 1/rr must have same nature.

The matter is condensed charged particles, a matter's mass equals to total charged particles it carries. without charged particles, there is no mass/matter. Without charged particles, there is no force.


Light is vibrating electric force carried by vibrating electrons on atoms. F=Ke x ee/rr is the conductor of light energy/em wave/quantum.


Energy is electromotive force carrier by moving/accelerating charge/mass.

Monday, December 11, 2017

No book or scientist had a clear definition of energy. the capacity to do work? what is it? word puzzle?

Electrons change energy level to emit photons? the electron has what capacity to do work? how electron carries such capacity to do work? do what work? how?

Even Einstein admitted he knows shit about what are light quanta/quantum/energy/em wave.

What is energy? potential energy, kinetic energy, chemical energy, nuclear energy, solar, wind, wave, fuel?

No, the matter is the source/container/carrier of energy.

Energy is emf, electromotive force, moving force, carried by moving matter/charge.

All matters, are connected by gravity and repulsion force between electrons on their surface atoms, at all the times.

The sun attracted earth, surface electrons on the sun repel lines of sight surface electrons in our outer atmosphere, with the force f=Ke x ee/rr. that force is the conductor of radiant energy/light/emf.

Electrons in the sun vibrate under heat energy, the emf transfer to earth electrons instantly through that force. we call it light/em wave/radiant energy.

Energy must exist with/within matter.  no matter what energy you are searching, find it from moving/vibrating matter.

Every atom inherited its own binding energy, opposite charges attract each other like a magnet attracts iron ball. they collide together to form atom and produce heat/thermal energy.

The more atoms condensed together under gravity, the more energy stored in the mass, the higher temperature. all suns' energy is from star formation.

All energy is shared by all matter, depend on their mass. energy and matter both conserved/immortal, there is no heat death.

If heat can radiate into space, the earth will be as hot as the sun, the whole universe will be at the same temperature, due to thermal equilibrium.

If heat cannot radiate into space, why all the energy we produced/used from the past didn't make the earth warmer?

Very good question.

If you have a channel between a pond and ocean, the water level will be the same.

If rained 10 foot in the pond slowly, the water level will not raise at all. both in the pond and ocean.

The repulsion force between lines of sight electrons on surface atoms of masses/matters, f=Ke x ee/rr is the water channel, thermal energy is water, mass is the water container.

Nuclear energy is atom's inner binding energy, chemical energy is atom's outer binding energy.

Atoms are not 99.99% empty space. not as present science told.