Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Force has infinite speed. Force act upon matters constantly at any distance. Forces coexist with the matter at all the time.

Only moving matter/mass has speed. Time has no speed, only timer's movement has speed.

Only matter can be moved, curved, compressed or expend. Time and space both have no physical existence.

Einstein theories are all based on false assumptions and misinterpretations.

The force between lines of sight matters is instantaneous, such as gravity between stars, the force between lines of sight charged particles.

All forces are coexisting with matters, therefore instantaneous.

Force passes through matter/medium has limited speed, such as oscillating electric force/light passes through air or water becoming em wave.

Without a medium, there is no wave. Sunlight/radiant energy instantly transfer energy to electrons on earth outer atmosphere, becomes light wave and passes through the atmosphere to reach us.

Matter, has mass, can never move at infinite speed. therefore teleportation is impossible science fiction.

Put a magnet in each hand, the same pole faces each other, feel the tension? what's its speed?

If you move one hand, what do you feel the other hand?  Is emf instantly transferred in opposite direction? Replace magnets with electrons, that is the mechanism of all em phenomena.

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