Saturday, May 26, 2018

Hold a strong megnet in each hand, same pole face to each other.

Keep two hands at a distance and feel the strong repulsion force.

Now if you wave one hand, what would happen to the other hand?

Will it wave instantly at same frequency and opposite direction?

The repulsion force between the two magnets is the carrier of energy.

Kinetic energy of the two magnets are shared over the repulsion force.

Electrons are on the outer surface of all atoms/matters. Electrons repel all lines of sight electrons directly with the strongest repulsion force in nature F=Ke x e1e2/rr.

All electrons are constantly vibrating on the surface of atoms due to thermo energy, that energy is shared with all lines of sight atoms/electrons instantly through the repulsion force between them.

This is the mechanism of radiation, light, em wave, quanta, photon and radiant energy in space.

When energy transfer within matter, matter will wave with energy and show wave property. If the energy is bigger than electrons biding energy, electrons will escape from the matter, this is the mechanism of photoelectric effect.

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