Wednesday, June 27, 2018

2 parallel wires at r distance, the free electrons in the 2 wires repel each other with force f=Ke x q1q2/rr, that force is the carrier of energy/moving electric force. if electrons accelerate in wire 1 at 3 volts, electrons in wire 2 will instantly have 3vq1 emf. the true mechanism of electromagnetic induction. same as momentum conservation. every magnetic atom/magton contains 2 atoms. 2 atoms of a ferromagnetic matter before magnetize, we put it as 00. if 1 electron moved from 1 atom to the other atom and stays there as -11, the 2 atoms become a magton, it carries a special property now, we call it magnetic force. -11, -22, -33...-nn are all magtons but carry different magnetic force strength. 2 magtons attract each other in the direction -11><-11, and repel each other in the direction -11><1-1 or 1-1><-11. use copper wire winding around an iron core, put a current, the electrons in the wire move in circles around the core, make atoms in the core arrange into -11><-11><-11 directions all the way. on the pole plane area, magtons are arranged as clockwise concentric circles of -11><-11><-11 direction, north pole. reverse the current direction, the pole plane area megatons are arranged as counterclockwise concentric circles of -11><-11><-11 direction, south pole. so, a magnet north pole stored clockwise electric force, south pole stored counterclockwise electric force. the same poles always repel, different poles always attract. there is only 1 force exists, coulomb force f=Ke x q1q2/rr. gravity and magnetic force are both different configurations of electric force. without matters, there is no force. a single matter has no force. force can only exist between matters. without a test body, where is the electric or magnetic field? where is gravity field? the mysteries of the universe are within 2 equations. f=Ke x e1e1/rr and f=G x m1m2/rr. those 2 forces rule everything existing. the mechanism of quantum entanglement is simple. the force between any 2 charged particles f=Ke x qp/rr is the carrier of energy/information/moving electric force/emf. it is as an invisible physical rod with zero mass that always connected 2 particles as 1. if 1 particle is energized, that energy instantly transferred to another. from f=ma, m=0, so energy instantly moved from 1 particle to another.

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