Friday, December 15, 2017

The much theoretical nonsense being portrayed as science. em theory, qm, relativity, tbb, black hole, photon, time travel, dark matter, simulation.

Maxwell was wrong. there is no transverse wave/em wave moving at light speed in space, due to there is no force carrier in space.

Computer simulation can only produce digital signals, the real world is based on matter and energy. 

Time is not a place, the time has no location, where to travel? How to travel to nowhere?

Simple facts, can you see it?

NASA faked moon landing, some shadows are right under the object, means they made the video at noontime, which is not morning time as they said/should.

NASA, China, Japan all fake news about solar sails work in space, photons able to transfer momentum to solar sail to accelerate spaceship.

They lied right in front your eyes.

If light/photon has momentum, why is laser beam cannot bend a flame? why is light mill not moving in a hard vacuum?

All space missions are fake, cuz they faked the time delay for space radio transmission.

Light/em waves travel in vacuum space at an infinite speed, only within mediums at a limited speed. 

So any communication takes more than 1/100 second is faked.

All scientists think light speed is c in the vacuum, they all wrong.

If light speed is limited in vacuum space, all-stars, galaxies we see are from the past, how can scientists map the universe and measure the total mass?

It is all bs, all lies.

There is no solar wind. what mechanism? why protons and electrons on the way to earth do not attract each other and form into hydrogen atoms? why does gravity not pull them back into the sun? 

Van Allen Belts? what's mechanism? the sun's energy/radiation/light strength decay at 1/rr, the only way to find stronger radiation is to get closer.

Near around earth, radiation strength is the same, within the atmosphere, it decreases. 

So between earth and the moon, the radiation strength is about the same, less within our atmosphere.

EM drive? powered by quantum vacuum virtual plasma. it is voodoo science. quantum anything is bs. 

LIGO detected gravity wave from 1.3 billion years ago? you wave hand will produce more detectable gravity wave than far away stars explode. why can't LIGO detect CME or earthquake?

Gravity wave speed is infinite, gravity has to be instantaneous, otherwise, no planets can stay in orbit.

Voyager is fake, gravity is decelerating it at all the times, how can it escape from the solar system? 

Iss is fake, AC systems cannot work in vacuum space, heat cannot radiate into space but matter.

If heat can radiate into space, the earth will be as hot as the sun, the whole universe will be at the same temperature, thermal equilibrium.

Einstein is wrong about time dilation.

Put same atomic clocks in the sun, earth, mars, flying air plan, for 1 day.

Each clock will have a different reading.

Which time is dilated? which clock has correct time?

Time dilation is a misinterpretation of timer's moving rate/reading affected by gravity/acceleration/force upon it.

Time is not a thing, the time has no location, cannot be touched, what is dilating what? how? 

All things happening is at now, all existence is at now, time is forever ongoing now, all past became now, all future will become now.

What is space? void, emptiness, nothingness, therefore, no property, no boundary, anything can fit in it.

How can gravity curve space? what is curving? gravity is attraction force between matters/masses. there is no matter in space that can be curved. 

How can gravity slow down light, so light cannot escape from big mass/star so it becomes a black hole? if gravity can slow down light, why sunlight and flashlight have the same speed?

They took a picture of stars behind of the sun at that solar eclipse, to proved gravity bends light path?

It is another misinterpretation, hot plasma on the sun deflected star lights. our atmosphere deflects star lights the same principle.

The most famous equation e=mcc is a math trick, not fact.

Mass is condensed charged particles. energy is emf matter carried. totally different, cannot equivalent. 

A 1 kg gold bar at rest has no energy but thermal energy, for it to carry 1kgcc energy, it must move at 1.414 c speed. how fast can we move a bullet? 

Nuclear energy? 1 kg best fuel, how many % of it can produce heat? 

The most famous experiment double slit is a misinterpretation, all waves are within a medium/matter waves, there is no light/wave in space.

Light is not wave nor particle, but electron's vibration force. try double slit experiment in a vacuum chamber, wave property will disappear.

The fabric of space-time? Ripples of gravity wave? Distortion? 

What is the compound of the fabric or ripples? What is distorting what? What is the mechanism?

Why did all scientists fall for such nonsense and made it mainstream? 

Why did you believe everything in science?

What if everything I said is in the books, everything book said is my word? 

Will you think I am crazy, retarded?


  1. You light speed is instantaneous?

    I agree with almost everythint else, modern science is a fraud most major discoveries are built on tesla patents slowly milked out

  2. Light speed in vacuum is instantaneous. Light waves in medium such as water, glass and air have limited speed. Due to f=ma, all matters have mass. Read more you will understand the mechanism of light. Appreciate your comments, maybe the only one who cares.